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'What's Left' Tracker Index/Fix Your Finances Project


Irish League of Credit Unions

Subject Keywords: Household expenditure
Catalogue: Data
Primary Data Sources
Type: Data
Region: Republic of Ireland

The Irish League of Credit Unions has launched its 2012 ‘What’s Left’ tracker index. Carrying on from 2011, the tracker will record household expenditure, how much disposable income Irish people have this year, where they are spending their money and the financial hardships they are facing.

The 2012 ‘What’s Left’ tracker will be brought to life by way of 4 independent, real life case studies as part of the Fix your Finances Project.  Meet 19 year old Darragh Mullen a psychology student at NUI Maynooth; 72 year old Peter O’Brien from Tallaght; 42 year old Dara Mahon a professional female from Limerick and the Carroll family from Dublin, who will tell their financial stories to the nation with each round of tracker research.

 Throughout 2012 we will follow each of the case studies through the website, track their disposable income, where they are feeling financial pressure and what their main financial concerns are each month and for the year ahead.

Midway through the process an independent financial advisor will be brought in to help each case study better manage their finances in the hope that by the end of 2012, each case study will have a better organised approach to money management. Information, photos and a video diary are available through the website.  Jump to the attached document for more information.



Rights: © Irish League of Credit Unions
Suggested citation:

Irish League of Credit Unions. (2012) 'What's Left' Tracker Index/Fix Your Finances Project [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 15th September 2019].


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