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Subject Keywords: Provides adults on the island of Ireland with independent, practical and achievable advice on weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight through a dedicated website
Topic: Obesity
Chronic Conditions
Type: Tool
Region: All-island

'Weigh2Live' from safefood and the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute is a new online resource providing practical tips and sensible advice to lose weight. The website is built on the philosophy of appreciating the busy and varied lives we now live and allows people to continue enjoying eating out or special occasions with family and friends by making sensible changes to the way they enjoy their food. The ingredients of 'Wleigh2Live' includes a handy food diary, an interactive BMI calculator and waist circumference assessment as well as practical advice on healthy recipes, useful tips when eating out, better food shopping ideas, and understanding about food portions and healthier eating. With any weight loss programme, the foods you choose, how you cook them and your portion sizes are vitally important and 'Weigh2Live' helps by explaining how these matter and offers realistic tips on helping you achieve your desired weight loss. And because people slip up from time to time, tips are provided for those who feel they're slipping so that they can continue towards their weight loss goal. To find out more, visit and remember, always consult with your GP or practice doctor before embarking on any weight loss programme or if you have suddenly gained or lost weight.



Rights: © Safefood 2009
Suggested citation:

Safefood. (2009) Weigh2live [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 14th November 2019].


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