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Video retrieval using dialogue, keyframe similarity and video objects


Browne, Paul; Smeaton, Alan F.;

Institution: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Subject Keywords: Signal processing; Information retrieval; image matching; image retrieval; video signal processing;

There are several different approaches to video retrieval which vary in sophistication, and in the level of their deployment. Some are well-known, others are not yet within our reach for any kind of large volumes of video. In particular, object-based video retrieval, where an object from within a video is used for retrieval, is often particularly desirable from a searcher's perspective. In this paper we introduce Fischlar-Simpsons, a system providing retrieval from an archive of video using any combination of text searching, keyframe image matching, shot-level browsing, as well as object-based retrieval. The system is driven by user feedback and interaction rather than having the conventional search/browse/search metaphor and the purpose of the system is to explore how users can use detected objects in a shot as part of a retrieval task.



Suggested citation:

Browne, Paul; Smeaton, Alan F.; . () Video retrieval using dialogue, keyframe similarity and video objects [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 26th March 2019].


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