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Transport & Health: A position statement


UK Faculty of Public Health

Subject Keywords: Issues connected to food, the environment, transport and obesity
Topic: Obesity
Type: Report
Region: United Kingdom

Transport includes road, rail, water and air. This statement focuses on road transport as this is where the greatest opportunities for improving public health lie. Road transport includes the moving of people and goods via a range of means including private cars, public transport, freight vehicles, walking and cycling. Roads are not all solely used for transport but also as places for living, working and leisure, creating a complex system in which both beneficial and deleterious effects on health can arise. Road transport provides access to opportunities for education, work, social contacts and leisure. It can facilitate physical activity as part of everyday life through walking and cycling, enabling people to maintain good health and to help prevent conditions including obesity, circulatory disease, diabetes and some cancers.

Transport & Health: Briefing Statement is availble here.

FPH has published expert resources on a range of issues connected to food, the environment, transport and obesity that demonstrate the importance of an integrated approach to improving people's health.

The statements give an overview of key public health issues and make recommendations for action to tackle the issues they address.

The evidenced-based position and briefing statements are available here.



Rights: © Faculty of Public Health
Suggested citation:

UK Faculty of Public Health. (2013) Transport & Health: A position statement [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 19th June 2019].


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