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Trade and industry

Institution: Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland

This paper discusses trade aspects of Ireland's relations with Third World countries. As
implied in the overall title of the symposium, "Ireland, Europe and the Third World",
the topic is dealt with in a European Community (EC) setting. Such a setting is
particularly appropriate in the case of trade. Unlike the case of aid, dealt with in Helen
O'Neill's paper, Ireland does not have an independent bilateral trade policy regarding
developing countries. Such trade policy is essentially an EC matter. As will be clear in
subsequent sections of the paper, this country's membership of the Community is
therefore fundamental to the nature of our present and potential trade relationships with
the developing world. In discussing trade, the paper focuses principally on trade in
manufactured goods. Trade in agricultural products comes within the ambit of the
Common Agncultural Policy with which Alan Matthews is dealing.



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. () Trade and industry [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 18th October 2019].


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