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Sugar-Sweetened Drinks Tax


Department of Finance (RoI)

Subject Keywords: Sugar sweetened drinks, Taxation, Levy, Child obesity, Obesity, Policy
Topic: Obesity
Catalogue: Policy
Type: Policy
Region: Republic of Ireland

The Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan TD, invites interested parties to make submissions in relation to a tax on the production and importation of sugar-sweetened drinks (SSD).

This follows from the Minister’s announcement in Budget 2017 that we would seek to introduce an SSD tax in 2018 after a public consultation, making good on the commitment in the Programme for a Partnership Government (PfPG) for a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks.

The Minister takes advice on the rationale for, and proposed structure of, the tax from the Department of Health (DOH). The proposed tax forms one key part of the Government’s comprehensive action plan, “A Healthy Weight for Ireland,” to tackle the obesity and overweight problem in Ireland. The SSD tax’s effectiveness will depend on the scope and the rate of the tax and the response of industry in reformulating their ingredients by reducing added-sugar in their products.

The objective of this consultation is to determine how the tax will operate in practice. This consultation will seek input from stakeholders, including SSD producers, in terms of how to impose the new tax in a way which ensures that the health objectives of the tax are met, that Revenue is enabled to collect it efficiently, fairly and effectively, and that compliance with the tax is not overly onerous on producers. The tax must also be designed so that it is compliant with EU State aid rules.

Finally, the design of the tax must take into account cross-border issues, and so should complement the proposed soft drinks industry levy which is due to be imposed in the UK from April 2018.

The consultation period will run to 5pm on Tuesday 3rd January 2017. Any submissions received after this date may not be considered




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Department of Finance (RoI). (2016) Sugar-Sweetened Drinks Tax [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 21st September 2019].


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