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Rethinking Health Promotion: A Global Approach


MacDonald, T.H.

Subject Keywords: Historical and philosophical analysis of health promotion
Topic: Cardiovascular Health (Draft)
Chronic Conditions
Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)
Chronic Conditions
Type: Report
Region: International (other)

Rethinking Health Promotion: A Global Approach offers an historical and philosophical analysis of health promotion, provides a number of essays on a diversity of issues, methods and topics, and raises questions which should prompt further reflection and debate in the field. It touches on a number of issues facing health promotion at the close of the millennium. - Is health promotion in danger of becoming a theory of everything? - How can it be defined coherently? Should it avoid being seen as a discipline in itself? - And(as highlighted in the book's title)how can health promotion develop a global imperative? Designed for use in postgraduate and undergraduate education and professional training, the book is broadly structured into three sections. The first section, Chapters 1-4, considers the history and philosophy of health promotion; the second section, Chapters 5�6, focuses on the British experience; and the third section, Chapters 7-14 comprises a number of relatively self-contained lecture papers dealing with an eclectic (and somewhat confusing)mix of health promotion topics (e.g. sexual health, diet, tobacco), methods (e.g. mass media, assessment) and issues (e.g. ethics).



Rights: © T. H. MacDonald
Suggested citation:

MacDonald, T.H.. (1998) Rethinking Health Promotion: A Global Approach [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 18th November 2019].


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