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Research Data e - Infrastructures: Framework for Action in H2020


European Commission (EC)

Subject Keywords: Open Access publishing
Type: Framework
Region: Europe

The emergence of data driven science reflects the increasing value of a range of observational, sensor, simulation, streaming and experimental data in every field of science. Data e - infrastructures link knowledge territories blurring geographical and disciplinary boundaries.

The present European and global research data landscape is highly fragmented, by disciplines or by domains (oceanography, life sciences, health, agriculture, space, climate, etc.). A variety of institutions, some national, some international, strive to deal with some aspects of data, but no effort exists where some degree of coherence is achieved or even sought.

The stewardship of research data remains uncertain: beyond the scientist(s) or laboratories that produce data, no specific group or profession (such as librarians for publications) is in charge of the preservation and organization of data. This makes data very vulnerable whenever institutional shifts occur (without mentioning broader concerns such as political or economic instability).



Rights: © EU
Suggested citation:

European Commission (EC). (2013) Research Data e - Infrastructures: Framework for Action in H2020 [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 23rd August 2019].


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