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Quit and Win contests for smoking cessation


Cahill, K. and Perera, R.

Subject Keywords: Review of whether Quit and Win contests encourage people to give up smoking
Topic: Chronic Conditions
Type: Project
Region: International (other)

Quit and Win contests were developed in the 1980s by the Minnesota Heart Health Program, and have been widely used since then as a population-based smoking cessation intervention at local, national and international level. Since 1994 an international contest has been held every two years in as many as 80 countries (2002). Objectives To determine whether quit and win contests can deliver higher long-term quit rates than baseline community quit rates. To assess the impact of such programmes, we considered both the quit rates achieved by participants, and the population impact, which takes into account the proportion of the target population entering the contest. The authors considered randomized controlled trials, allocating individuals or communities to experimental or control conditions. They also considered controlled studies with baseline and post-intervention measures. Five studies met the inclusion criteria. Three demonstrated significantly higher quit rates (8% to 20%) for the quit and win group than for the control group at the 12-month assessment. However, the population impact measure, where available, suggests that the effect of contests on community prevalence of smoking is small, with fewer than one in 500 smokers quitting because of the contest. Levels of deception, where they could be quantified, were high. Although surveys suggest that international quit and win contests may be effective, especially in developing countries, the lack of controlled studies precludes any firm conclusions from this review.



Rights: © The Cochrane Collaboration
Suggested citation:

Cahill, K. and Perera, R.. (2008) Quit and Win contests for smoking cessation [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 21st August 2019].


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