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Putting the learning to use: Inequalities in health and Wellbeing


Horgan, G.

Subject Keywords: Impact of poverty and health inequalities on life
Type: Report
Region: Northern Ireland

In every society, the impact of poverty and health inequalities on life and life chances is immense. Experiences of social & material inequality are vast in Northern Ireland. This report critiques some of the learning from previous health improvement programmes.This report is based on evidence contained in hundreds of research reports and peer-reviewed journal articles about the causes of health inequalities nationally and internationally. In that large body of literature, it is difficult to find evidence, whether from the World Health Organisation, the EU, the UK or Ireland of effective interventions that work to reduce inequalities in health that are not aimed at reducing the broader inequalities in society. This confirms the validity of the approach originally taken by the Investing for Health Strategy and indicates that this approach should be maintained.North and West Belfast is an area characterised by high rates of poverty and ill-health, exacerbated by the impact of over 30 years of conflict. These interact with each other to produce a population that experiences huge levels of social distress which manifests itself in high levels physical illness and of mental ill-health, particularly depression and anxiety.



Rights: © Investing for Health
Suggested citation:

Horgan, G.. (2007) Putting the learning to use: Inequalities in health and Wellbeing [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 17th July 2019].


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