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PhunkyFoods Programme (PFP)


Purely Nutrition Ltd

Subject Keywords: Healthy schools
Topic: Obesity
Catalogue: Interventions
Type: Project
Region: United Kingdom

The PhunkyFoods Programme (PFP) aids schools in meeting healthy lifestyles curriculum requirements by delivering key, consistent health messages in-line with current Government recommendations. The aim is to help schools deliver a whole-school approach to healthy lifestyles and to engage with all pupils, and their families, in promoting tangible health behaviour changes in a fun, lively and positive manner.

The short-term objectives (6-months) of the PFP are;
1. To improve school staff competence, confidence and in delivering healthy lifestyles messaging in school.
2. To improve the health-related knowledge of pupils taking part in the PFP. The medium-term objectives (12-18 months) of the PFP are;
3. To improve the dietary behaviours of children taking part in the PFP (increase fruit and veg intake, increase breakfast consumption, decrease HFSS foods, decrease fizzy drink consumption).
4. To increase the levels of habitual phsyical activity undertaken by the children participating in the PFP. The longer-term objectives (+18=months) of the PFP are;
5. To reduce the prevalence of childhood overweight and obesity in participating children
6. To develop the schools to become the community hub for healthy eating and physical activity initiatives based on local needs assessment and

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Rights: © PHE Obesity
Suggested citation:

Purely Nutrition Ltd. (2014) PhunkyFoods Programme (PFP) [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 19th November 2019].


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