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Pct pre-schoolers free school meal, NI 2014/15



Subject Keywords: Early years; Education; School
Set: Health Inequalities
Catalogue: Data
Type: Data
Region: Antrim LGD
Ards LGD
Armagh LGD
Ballymena LGD
Ballymoney LGD
Banbridge LGD
Belfast LGD
Carrickfergus LGD
Castlereagh LGD
Coleraine LGD
Cookstown LGD
Craigavon LGD
Derry LGD
Down LGD
Dungannon LGD
Fermanagh LGD
Larne LGD
Limavady LGD
Lisburn LGD
Local Government District
Maherafelt LGD
Moyle LGD
Newry & Mourne LGD
Newtownabbey LGD
North Down LGD
Omagh LGD
Strabane LGD
Northern Ireland

Percentage pre-schoolers with Free school meal entitlement, NI 2014/15. Numerator: Department of Education 2014/15.  Denominator: Department of Education 2014/15

Data are shown by Academic year i.e. 2014 represents the Academic year 2014/15. The information is collected through the annual school census exercise. Returns are provided from each school. Information collected relates to gender, free school meals entitlement (taken as pupils with a parent in receipt of Job Seekers' allowance or Income Support) and pupils with special educational needs. The data refers to the location of the school. The dataset is gathered annually at a specified date in early October. The dataset is collected from schools via the C2k administration system. The data goes through thorough validation checks before it is released. It is then merged with the CPD and aggregated information is checked and forwarded to NINIS.

Date data covers:
01/09/2014 to 31/05/2015

Indicator numerator:
Number of pre-schoolers with free school meal entitlement.

Indicator denominator:
Total number of pre-schoolers

Pct pre-schoolers free school meal, NI 2014/15



Rights: © DE
Suggested citation:

NINIS. (2015) Pct pre-schoolers free school meal, NI 2014/15 [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 19th February 2018].


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