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Online video resources to enable & enhance experiential learning


This paper describes the implementation of an online video resource for undergraduate students with the aim to improve the experiential learning. As part of the final year project for the last two academic years, presentations were recorded at the start of the second semester of 2007-2008 academic year. These were then made available to the students during week eight of the semester over the web via student specific portal pages.
The student's marks and feedback from the lecture assessors on the presentations were also made available online. The students were also recorded during their final presentations at the end of the semester. The changes in student grades were examined and compared to those over the previous five years when such feedback was not available. The resource was also designed to aid lecturers in order for them to view presentations they may have missed and enter marks for their allocated students.



Suggested citation:

. () Online video resources to enable & enhance experiential learning [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 23rd September 2019].


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