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Nutritional Standards for School Lunches and Other School Food


School Food Trust (SFT)

Subject Keywords: Standards for food in school
Topic: Obesity
Catalogue: Service Frameworks & Standards
Type: Report
Region: United Kingdom

In September 2005 the Government received recommendations from
the School Meals Review Panel (SMRP) on school lunches and on a number of wider issues concerning food in schools. In response to that report – Turning the Tables – the newly-established School Food Trust (SFT) was commissioned to advise Ministers on standards for food in school other than lunch.
The DfES consulted widely on the recommendations of the SMRP and
on a more limited basis on the advice of the SFT. Reports on the responses to each of those consultations are available at:
Having considered responses to those consultations and taken into
account the many representations the Department has received on these
issues from a range of stakeholders, the Secretary of State for Education and Skills has arrived at final decisions on the standards. These standards will apply to school lunches and other food provided in all local authority maintained schools in England.





Rights: © Crown copyright
Suggested citation:

School Food Trust (SFT). (2006) Nutritional Standards for School Lunches and Other School Food [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 19th September 2019].


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