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Northern Exposure: Alleviating Fuel Poverty in North & West Belfast, Northern Ireland


University of Ulster and NEA NI

Subject Keywords: Mental health, Wellbeing, Impacts, Fuel poverty, Energy efficiency
Topic: Fuel Poverty
Mental Health
Fuel Poverty
Type: Report
Region: Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, while there is strategic resolve to confront and tackle fuel poverty, too many households, still cannot achieve affordable warmth in their home. It was in the context of Investing for Health (IFH), the public health strategy for Northern Ireland, and specifically within objective 4 of the strategy; ‘to offer everyone the opportunity to live and work in a healthy environment and to live in a decent affordable home’, that the Public Health Agency commissioned NEA NI to deliver the Northern Exposure project. Northern Exposure was developed initially in 2006 and is an action-based project aimed at tackling the high levels of fuel poverty in North and West Belfast using a partnership and community development approach.

As the project developed, NEA NI engaged the University of Ulster to undertake research into the mental health and wellbeing impacts of fuel poverty and how energy efficiency measures including innovative technologies can be used to combat it. A key outcome from the research is that it will demonstrate to key stakeholders, including the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Public Health Agency that energy efficiency measures, including new converging technologies, delivered alongside a managed network of support, can assist fuel poor households and deliver improvements in health and wellbeing.

This report is written by NEA NI and the University of Ulster (UU). It has three main sections. The first section, written by NEA NI, introduces the context to fuel poverty and existing fuel poverty strategies. It also summarises the Northern Exposure project intervention process; the fact that interventions were provided by both the Warm Homes Scheme and the Northern Ireland Sustainable Energy Programme (NISEP). It also outlines all partners involved and the innovative technologies which were trialled.





Rights: © NEA and UU
Suggested citation:

University of Ulster and NEA NI. (2013) Northern Exposure: Alleviating Fuel Poverty in North & West Belfast, Northern Ireland [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 22nd July 2019].


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