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New Strategic Direction for Alcohol and Drugs: Phase 2 Final Review


Department of Health (RoI)

Subject Keywords: Substance Misuse, Alcohoil, Drugs
Catalogue: Research and Evaluation
Type: Report
Region: Republic of Ireland

The cross-departmental strategy to reduce the harm related to substance misuse in Northern Ireland, known as the New Strategic Direction for Alcohol and Drugs (NSD) Phase 2, was launched in 2012. This is the final update and review of the outcomes and indicators set out in that document. The preceding update reports are also available online at:

The report is structured as follows:

· Chapter 1 sets out the background to the development of the strategy and summarises the approach taken in the NSD Phase 2

· Chapter 2 outlines the approach taken to this review;

· Chapter 3 provides an update on the key indicators over the life of the Strategy;

· Chapter 4 shows progress on the outcomes and outputs in the NSD Phase 2;

· Chapter 5 sets out the outcome of stakeholder engagement and views on the implementation of the NSD Phase 2; and

· Chapter 6 provides a summary and concluding comments.

Overall, progress has been made during the implementation of the NSD Phase 2 – especially at the population level.


Since the original strategy was published in 2006, we have seen some encouraging signs in relation to reductions in substance misuse at the population level – for example, there have been significant reductions in the levels of binge drinking and the percentage of young people who drink and get drunk. Among adults, prevalence of illegal drug misuse has largely plateaued and we are continuing to see significant numbers of individuals and families access treatment and support services for alcohol and drug misuse. In addition, drug misuse among young people has fallen significantly.




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Suggested citation:

Department of Health (RoI). (2018) New Strategic Direction for Alcohol and Drugs: Phase 2 Final Review [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 23rd September 2019].


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