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National Strategy for Women and Girls 2017-2020: creating a better society for all


Department of Justice and Equality

Subject Keywords: Women, Girls, Equality, Quality of life, Gender, Identity, Fair society
Topic: Health Inequalities
Health Inequalities
Type: Strategy
Region: Republic of Ireland

The National Strategy for Women and Girls 2017-2020 has as its vision to work towards:

“ an Ireland where all women enjoy equality with men and can achieve their full potential, while enjoying a safe and fulfilling life”.

The Strategy is a living document, which is influenced by its context and will evolve as circumstances change over the period to 2020. It is underpinned by the societal values of equality, non-discrimination, inclusiveness, generosity, intersectionality, diversity and respect for human rights. It recognises that achieving its vision will involve shared responsibility between Government, business, civil society and individuals of all genders at national and local level. It will require accountability from public and private sector organisations in the delivery of the actions outlined in the Strategy. The Strategy’s success will depend on the shared engagement of women and men, girls and boys, in building a fairer society which allows women and men alike to flourish.

The National Strategy is the framework through which the Government will pursue actions to advance the rights of women and girls and to enable their full participation in Irish society. A strategic approach is needed to identify remaining barriers which prevent women from achieving their full potential and from enjoying opportunities on a par with men. As opportunities and outcomes can differ for women and girls depending on their age, sexual orientation, gender identity, civil status, beliefs, ethnicity or ability, a national strategy is needed to address instances of multiple discrimination and to put forward positive action measures for women and girls who experience particular disadvantages arising from the intersection of gender with other aspects of their identity. There is an intrinsic right to equality that needs to be addressed.



Rights: © Government of Ireland
Suggested citation:

Department of Justice and Equality. (2017) National Strategy for Women and Girls 2017-2020: creating a better society for all [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 19th September 2019].


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