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Media-based behavioural treatments for behavioural problems in children


Montgomery, P., Bjornstad, G. J. and Dennis, J. A.

Set: Mental Health
Type: Article
Region: International (other)

Many approaches are used to address behavioural problems in childhood including medication or, more usually, psychological treatments either directly with the child and/or his/her family. Behavioural and cognitive-behavioural interventions have been shown to be effective but access to these treatments is limited due to factors such as time and expense. Presenting the information parents need in order to manage these behaviour problems in booklet or other media-based format might reduce the cost and increase access to these interventions. Objectives To review the effects of media-based cognitive-behavioural therapies for any young person with a behavioural disorder (diagnosed using a recognised instrument) compared to standard care and no-treatment controls. Randomised and quasi-randomised controlled trials (e.g. trials which used sequential randomisation) of media-based behavioural treatments for behaviour problems in children were used. Eleven studies including 943 participants were included within this review. In general, media-based therapies for behavioural disorders in children had a moderate, if variable, effect when compared with both no-treatment controls with effects sizes ranging from -0.12 (-1.65, 1.41) to -32.60 (-49.93, -15.27) and as and adjunct to medication with effect sizes ranging from -2.71 (-5.86, -0.44) to -39.55 (-75.01, -4.09). Significant improvements were made with the addition of up to two hours of therapist time.



Rights: © The Cochrane Collaboration
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Montgomery, P., Bjornstad, G. J. and Dennis, J. A.. (2006) Media-based behavioural treatments for behavioural problems in children [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 20th January 2018].


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