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Maximizing the Impacts of your Research: A Handbook for Social Scientists


LSE Publc Policy Group

Topic: Chronic Conditions
Type: Guideline
Region: United Kingdom

For the past year a team of academics based at the London School of Economics, the University of Leeds and Imperial College London have been working on the Impact of Social Sciences project aimed at developing precise methods for measuring and evaluating the impact of research in the public sphere. Part of the teams task was to develop guidance for colleagues interested in this field. In the past, there has been no one source of systematic advice on how to maximize the academic impacts of your research in terms of citations and other measures of influence. And almost no sources at all have helped researchers to achieve greater visibility and impacts with audiences outside the university. Instead researchers have had to rely on informal knowledge and picking up random hints and tips here and there from colleagues, and from their own personal experience. This Handbook remedies this key gap and, the authors hope, will help researchers achieving a more professional and focused approach to their research from the outset. It provides a large menu of sound and evidence-based advice and guidance on how to ensure that your work achieves its maximum visibility and influence with both academic and external audiences. As with any menu, readers need to pick and choose the elements that are relevant for them. The handbook provides detailed information on what constitutes good practice in expanding the impact of social science research. It also surveys a wide range of new developments, new tools and new techniques that can help make sense of a rapidly changing field.



Rights: © LSE Public Policy Group
Suggested citation:

LSE Publc Policy Group. (2011) Maximizing the Impacts of your Research: A Handbook for Social Scientists [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 20th April 2019].


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