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'Making Diabetes Count'


Institute of Public Health in Ireland

Subject Keywords: Diabetes, Obesity, Diagnosed, Undiagnosed
Topic: Obesity
Chronic Conditions
Catalogue: Research and Evaluation
Type: Report
Region: All-island

The launch of the first report of The Irish Diabetes Prevalence Working Group, Ireland and Northern Ireland's Population Health Observatory (INIsPHO), Institute of Public Health in Ireland was held on 12 June 2006. Diabetes mellitus is a common chronic condition that causes significant morbidity and mortality if not properly diagnosed and managed. The number of people with diabetes on the island is expected to increase because our population is growing, it is ageing and obesity rates are rising. The diabetes population prevalence estimates extracted from the report 'Making Diabetes Count' are now available at The diabetes estimates are not actual registered cases; rather they are expected total (diagnosed plus undiagnosed) values from synthetic estimation based on a model from England.





Rights: © Institute of Public Health in Ireland
Suggested citation:

Institute of Public Health in Ireland. (2006) 'Making Diabetes Count' [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 19th November 2019].


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