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Improving Health within Criminal Justice - IPH response


Institute of Public Health in Ireland (IPH)

Subject Keywords: Crime, Criminal Justice, Health Inequality, Social Services
Topic: Health Inequalities
Health Inequalities
Catalogue: Policy
Policy consultation responses
Type: Policy
Region: All-island

IPH welcomed the draft strategy and action plan from DHSSPS and the Department of Justice Improving Health within Criminal Justice. The criminal justice system is an ideal setting for addressing health inequalities through health promotion and prevention activities and it is an opportunity to provide access to health and social services to people who may otherwise have infrequent or no contact with services. It is hoped that by improving health within the criminal justice system that reoffending could be reduced through addressing the root causes of problems that have the potential to lead to criminality. 





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Suggested citation:

Institute of Public Health in Ireland (IPH). (2016) Improving Health within Criminal Justice - IPH response [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 15th November 2019].


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