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Implications for public policy

Institution: Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland

The Department of Social Welfare and the Pensions Board commissioned the ESRI
to undertake a national survey of pension coverage in 1995. The survey shows that
only half of all employees at work are covered by an occupational pension scheme
(see Hughes and Whelan (1996)). Despite the considerable efforts of the pensions
industry to promote occupational pensions the survey indicates that pension coverage
is not increasing. However, the quality of occupational pension provision has
undoubtedly improved over the years as the amount of income replaced by
occupational pension benefits has risen.
At the publication of the ESRI report last Autumn the Minister for Social Welfare
launched a National Pensions Policy Initiative to promote debate on pensions issues
and on how best to increase coverage of income-related pensions. Stage I of this
initiative has now been completed with the issuing last month by the Department and
the Board of a Consultation Document (Department of Social Welfare, 1997).



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