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The Impact of Detention on the Health of Asylum Seekers: A Systematic Review


Filges T. et al

Subject Keywords: Persecution, War, Asylum Seeker
Type: Article
Region: International (other)

The last decades of the twentieth century were accompanied by an upsurge in the number of persons fleeing persecution and regional wars. Western countries have applied increasingly stringent measures to discourage those seeking asylum from entering their country. The most controversial of the measures to discourage people from seeking asylum is the decision by some Western countries to confine asylum seekers in detention facilities. In most countries, the detention of asylum seekers is an administrative procedure that is undertaken to verify the identity of individuals, process asylum claims, and/or ensure that a deportation order is carried out.
A number of clinicians have expressed concern that detention increases mental health difficulties in asylum seekers, who is already a highly traumatized population, and have called for an end to such practices. This is clearly in conflict with government policies aimed at reducing the numbers of asylum seekers.



Rights: © The authors
Suggested citation:

Filges T. et al. (2015) The Impact of Detention on the Health of Asylum Seekers: A Systematic Review [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 21st November 2017].


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