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HSE West Regional Service Plan 2013


Health Service Executive (HSE)

Subject Keywords: Health services
Type: Policy
Region: Republic of Ireland

The HSE has published its Regional Service Plan (RSP) which sets out the type and volume of service the HSE will provide directly, or through a range of funded agencies, to people across the region during 2013. Despite operating within a reducing financial position, HSE South is very pleased to be in a position to be able to announce major new developments, which will enhance patient care and treatment across the HSE South region.

HSE has been implementing major re-organisation and change programmes across the region, which are in line with the overall national reform programme. The changes implemented to date are beginning to yield significant gains for HSE in 2013. These dividends will assist us to do more with less this year as well as to provide new services across the region, particularly in the area of acute hospitals, disability, palliative care and primary care. HSE will continue to vigorously pursue its local change programme in line with national policy with further dividends expected by year end, which will benefit patients and service users in this area.

This re-organisation process has led us to further develop close working relationships and partnerships with the voluntary sector. By building on this collaborative approach, our combined efforts have enabled us to progress and deliver on a number of key developments, particularly in the areas of acute hospitals, palliative care and disability services that otherwise may not have been achieved.



Rights: © Government of Ireland
Suggested citation:

Health Service Executive (HSE). (2013) HSE West Regional Service Plan 2013 [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 21st August 2019].


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