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How internal audit can contribute to the success of ERP implementation projects in an Irish context.


Bennett, John Michael Anthony;

Institution: University of Limerick
Subject Keywords: ERP implementation projects;

The aim of this study is to explore how Internal Audit can contribute towards the successful implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) projects in an Irish context. ERP projects are well documented for high failure rates and adverse impact on receiving businesses. Although there is limited literature available concerning the role of Internal Audit within ERP implementations, there is plenty available relating to ERP implementations which document risks, problems and critical success factors associated with these complex and business-critical projects. Results from the literature review show that there is no general agreement on which set of factors are key to success in ERP implementations which in turn places a greater emphasis on the ability of management to be able to deliver their agreed requirements which will differ from company to company.
Internal Audit is typically a centrally operated function within an organisation’s system of Governance and Control and is recognised as having expertise in reviewing control environments. This includes ensuring that appropriate governance structures are in place and that effective risk management processes are actioned which in turn can mitigate problems occurring. In keeping with the evolving nature of internal auditing, auditors are constantly increasing their skillsets to enable them to independently review ERP projects and report issues in a timely manner for action by business management. It is the depth of investigation that is an integral part of an internal audit that realises most benefits and this became apparent in the additional success factors, risks and problem areas identified by the interviewees compared to the points documented within the ERP-related literature. The interview findings from the population of ERP experienced auditors show that the benefits of using them to review ERP projects have been positively acknowledged within their companies. In many cases audit reviews are now included as part of the project planning process.

Suggested citation:

Bennett, John Michael Anthony; . () How internal audit can contribute to the success of ERP implementation projects in an Irish context. [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 19th April 2019].


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