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Household recycling per person, RoI 2013


Local Government Management Agency (LGMA)

Subject Keywords: Living conditions; Health behaviours and environments; Housing; Waste
Catalogue: Data
Type: Data
Region: Administrative County
Carlow County
Cavan County
Clare County
Cork City
Cork County
Donegal County
Dublin City
Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown
Galway City
Galway County
Kerry County
Kildare County
Kilkenny County
Laois County
Leitrim County
Limerick City
Limerick County
Local Health Office
Longford County
Louth County
Mayo County
Meath County
Monaghan County
North Tipperary
Offaly County
Roscommon County
Sligo County
South Dublin
South Tipperary
Waterford City
Waterford County
Westmeath County
Wexford County
Wicklow County

Weight (Kg) of household waste collected at kerbside or at recycling facilities which is sent for recycling per person. Numerator: LGMA, 2013 Denominator: Census, 2011

It should be noted that local authorities have experienced considerable difficulty obtaining accurate and timely data from private sector operators. This can affect the quality of the data that is presented.

Date data covers:
01/01/2013 to 31/12/2013

Indicator numerator:
Weight (Kg) of household waste collected at kerbside or at recycling facilities which is sent for recycling

Indicator denominator:

Cautionary notes:
a) Galway City Council: The percentage and tonnage of household waste collected from kerbside and sent for recycling does not differentiate between recycling and recovery. These figure therefore include the percentage and tonnage of waste sent for thermal treatment, which is an energy recovery activity, not a recycling activity. The percentage and tonnage reported as recycled will not correspond with other regional/national reporting. This Service Indicator is not directly comparable with previous years data due to changes in calculation methodology and is currently under review b) Sligo County Council: No private Textile bank stats included in 2013 will be included from 2014 onwards

Household recycling per person, RoI 2013



Rights: © LGMA
Suggested citation:

Local Government Management Agency (LGMA). (2015) Household recycling per person, RoI 2013 [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 13th November 2019].


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