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Heating Policy Review


Housing Executive, Northern Ireland

Subject Keywords: Housing Executive. Consultation, Heating policy, Housing
Topic: Fuel Poverty
Fuel Poverty
Type: Policy
Region: Northern Ireland

It is essential for the Housing Executive to conduct regular reviews of its heating policy to ensure that tenants receive the best available options. The heating policy should maximize the opportunity for tenants’ homes to benefit from clean, efficient, safe affordable thermal comfort. The heating policy review in 2000 marked a fundamental shift from solid fuel heating to more efficient oil and gas central heating systems, with gas as the preferential option where available. The 2006 review essentially consolidated this approach. As a result, 43% of Housing Executive properties now have oil systems and 36% have gas systems. The majority of the remainder of Housing Executive homes have open fires, room heaters, wood pellets or electric systems. (4,174 open fire dwellings and 7,858 electrically heated dwellings as at 11 September 2012) Since the 2006 review significant benefits have been evidenced,including substantial savings for tenants, reductions in CO2 emissions and improvement in air quality. Several key drivers prompted the 2010/11 review of heating policy, first presented to Board in July 2011 and subsequently updated.



Rights: © Northern Ireland Housing Executive
Suggested citation:

Housing Executive, Northern Ireland. (2012) Heating Policy Review [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 20th November 2019].


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