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The Healthy Weight Challenge


Community Development Health Network

Subject Keywords: Programme to promote healthy living
Topic: Obesity
Cardiovascular Health (Draft)
Chronic Conditions
Catalogue: Interventions
Type: Project
Region: Northern Ireland

To help encourage, facilitate and empower people to adopt healthy lifestyles and to raise awareness of obesity and its causes in order to reduce its prevalence within the target community. Outcome Through Health Classes, Leaflets and Posters, people have developed their knowledge and understanding of obesity. The relationship between members of the community and the pharmacist has also developed as as has the Pharmacists links with GPs, Dieticians, Leisure Centre Management etcナ All participants thought the healthy weight challenge was a good idea, made them more aware of health and the pharmacy was able to offer advice, information, support and health checks. regular monitoring also helped have a positive impact on participants desire to lose weight and also had positive impact on their efforts to have healthier lifestyle.





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Suggested citation:

Community Development Health Network. (2001) The Healthy Weight Challenge [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 23rd September 2019].


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