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The Healthy Living Centre, The Netherlands


RIVM, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment

Subject Keywords: Health promotion
Topic: Obesity
Type: Website
Region: Europe

The Centre for Healthy Living focuses on strengthening the impact of local health promotion activities. The Centre promotes the adoption of nationally available lifestyle interventions by professionals at the local level by presenting those interventions in a clear and concise manner. The centre also evaluates the quality, effectiveness and cohesion of lifestyle interventions based on documentation presented.
The Centre for Health Living:
Administers the internet site which offers professionals information about the quality, take-up, targets and other details of the available lifestyle interventions
Promotes cohesion between interventions designed to influence lifestyle choices and the individual's setting
Assesses the quality and effectiveness of interventions using a national certification system with an independent council
Promotes a good 'match' between supply and demand of interventions, thus reducing gaps and overlaps
Supports whole school health promotion by actualising the Dutch Healthy School Method and by encouraging collaboration between education and health professionals
Shares knowledge with governments and professionals, e.g. by coordinating the production of guidelines for local health policies.



Rights: © RIVM
Suggested citation:

RIVM, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. (2011) The Healthy Living Centre, The Netherlands [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 21st November 2019].


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