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A Global Public Goods Approach to the Health of Migrants


Heather Widdows, Herjeet Marway

Subject Keywords: Public Health Ethics
Catalogue: Systematic Reviews
Type: Article
Region: Europe


This paper explores a global public goods approach to the health of migrants. It suggests that this approach establishes that there are a number of health goods which must be provided to migrants not because these are theirs by right (although this may independently be the case), but because these goods are primary goods which fit the threefold criteria of global public goods. There are two key advantages to this approach: first, it is non-confrontational and non-oppositional, and second, it provides self-interested arguments to provide at least some health goods to migrants and thus appeals to those little moved by rights-based arguments.



Rights: © Public
Suggested citation:

Heather Widdows, Herjeet Marway. (2015) A Global Public Goods Approach to the Health of Migrants [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 8th April 2020].


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