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Galway City Recreation and Amenity Needs Study


Galway City Council

Subject Keywords: Recreation facility, Sports, Physical activity
Topic: Burden
Chronic Conditions
Chronic Conditions
Type: Report
Region: Republic of Ireland

The Galway City Recreation and Amenity Needs Study sets out a strategy for the development of passive and active recreation within the city. The preparation of the Study is a requirement of the City Development Plan 2005-2011 and it was adopted by members of Galway City Council on the 28th January 2008.The Galway City Recreation and Amenity Needs Study is a cumulation of extensive consultation, a review of national and local policy and an assessment of Galwayメs amenity open space, ecological sites, water based amenities and sport facilities. The Study identifies and assesses both Galwayメs existing open space and amenity network and sports infrastructure and targets areas for further improvement based on current and future projected needs. The Study sets out strategic/specific polices in chapter 9, which are designed to meet current and future needs in the city: - Strategic policies ヨ These are policies that cover all aspects of passive and action recreation and are strategic in nature. - Specific policies ヨ These relate specifically to amenity open space, ecology, water based resources and sport facilities. - A series of short, medium and long term actions are identified to achieve strategic and specific policies. In order to implement policies and actions, three important mechanisms have been identified: the preparation of master plans , management plans and guidelines. The Study is set out as follows: Chapter 1 ヨ Introduction Chapter 2 ヨ Executive Summary Chapter 3 ヨ Background Chapter 4 ヨ Surveys Chapter 5 ヨ Policy Review Chapter 6 - Assessment Chapter 7 - Consultation Chapter 8 ヨ Current and Future Needs Chapter 9 ヨ Proposed Policies, Actions and Implementation Appendices and Maps



Rights: © Galway City Council
Suggested citation:

Galway City Council. (2008) Galway City Recreation and Amenity Needs Study [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 20th June 2019].


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