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Fresh Fruit in Schools Evaluation Summary Report (2002-2004)


Health Promotion Agency Northern Ireland

Topic: Cardiovascular Health (Draft)
Chronic Conditions
Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)
Health Inequalities
Chronic Conditions
Health Inequalities
Type: Report
Region: Northern Ireland

In October 2002 the Fresh Fruit in Schools scheme was launched. The scheme has its roots in the public health strategy, Investing for Health. This strategy, developed by a cross-departmental group (the Ministerial Group on Public Health) and launched in 2002, provides a framework for action to improve health and wellbeing which focuses in particular on the sources of good health and on inequalities in health. Recent research indicates that there is much that can be improved about eating patterns among people of all ages in Northern Ireland. The Eating for Health? survey published in 2001 highlighted that the consumption of fruit and vegetables in Northern Ireland is much lower than is currently recommended.3 For example, according to their parents, only 12% of 5-11 year old children in the survey ate five or more portions each day, while 15% do not eat any fruit or vegetables on a daily basis. This report presents a summary of the evaluation of the first two years of the Fresh Fruit in Schools pilot scheme. It examines how the scheme was implemented, including the distribution of the fruit to schools and within schools to the classroom, and assesses the impact on the teachers and schools involved, changes in the children's fruit consumption and the broader impact of the scheme on children, parents and siblings.



Rights: © Health Promotion Agency Northern Ireland
Suggested citation:

Health Promotion Agency Northern Ireland. (2005) Fresh Fruit in Schools Evaluation Summary Report (2002-2004) [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 24th August 2019].


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