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Electricity Prices in Ireland


Commission for Energy Regulation (CER)

Subject Keywords: Natural gas, Electricity market
Topic: Fuel Poverty
Fuel Poverty
Type: Booklet
Region: Republic of Ireland

The Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) is the independent body responsible for regulating the natural gas and electricity markets in Ireland in the interest of customers. Consumers and businesses often ask why electricity prices in Ireland are higher than in some other European countries. Recent European Eurostat pricing data, which is published every six-months, confirms that Irish electricity prices are higher than the European average. However it also shows that this price gap has been closing, to the benefit of the
Irish economy and consumer.

This CER factsheet explains the key factors influencing the price of electricity in Ireland, particularly our:

• High dependence on imported fossil fuels;

• The need for essential network investment; and,

• Low population density.



Rights: © Commission for Energy Regulation (CER)
Suggested citation:

Commission for Energy Regulation (CER). (2010) Electricity Prices in Ireland [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 25th August 2019].


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