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A Diabetes Strategic Framework


Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (Northern Ireland)

Subject Keywords: Development plan/framework, Health policy, Public health policy and advice, Making Life Better
Topic: Chronic Conditions
Chronic Conditions
Catalogue: Policy
Policies, Strategies & Action plans
Type: Report
Region: Northern Ireland

Health Minister Michelle O'Neill is delighted to present a Diabetes Strategic Framework for the north of Ireland. Diabetes is a condition which we know affects at least 90,000 people living here. Every day here, on average, 10 people are newly diagnosed and £1 million is spent on services to meet the needs of people already living with the condition. The case for a fresh, coherent and sustainable approach to prevention, early intervention and to the design and delivery of services is now an absolute imperative for our Health and Social Care system. In light of this, we have listened to people living with diabetes and their representatives, and to our staff and other experts, and have produced a blueprint for the future which I believe will set the direction for achieving real and significant improvement in outcomes for people living with diabetes.





Rights: Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (Northern Ireland)
Suggested citation:

Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (Northern Ireland). (2016) A Diabetes Strategic Framework [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 18th April 2019].


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