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Delivering a Sustainable Energy Future for Ireland: The Energy Policy Framework 2007 - 2020


Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources

Topic: Fuel Poverty
Fuel Poverty
Chronic Conditions
Type: White Paper
Region: Republic of Ireland

This White Paper sets out the Government's Energy Policy Framework 2007-2020 to deliver a sustainable energy future for Ireland. It is set firmly in the global and European context which has put energy security and climate change among the most urgent international challenges. In charting the course for Irish energy policy, the Government is taking full account of global and EU developments. Ireland faces similar energy challenges to those being confronted worldwide. Our situation is made more acute by our small energy market, peripherality and limited indigenous fuel resources. Sustained economic growth and population growth also add to the challenges for Irish energy policy. We have however major opportunities to be realised in harnessing the full potential of our renewable and bioenergy resources. As committed members of the European Union, with specific energy policy objectives, Ireland supports the development of a European Energy Policy which delivers a sustainable energy future for Europe through measures to tackle climate change ensure energy security and enhance competitiveness. The Framework Social Partnership Agreement 'Towards 2016' has set agreed priorities and outcomes for Irish Energy Policy and these are reflected in this White Paper. The National Development Plan 2007-2013 reflects the strategic role of energy in underpinning our overall social and economic objectives. The plan will be funded by the Exchequer, by the Semi-State Energy Bodies and from other non-public sources. The Government's energy policy and climate change goals are closely aligned and will be fully reflected in the Climate Change Strategy. Its plans for reducing energy demand and energy related emissions through renewable energy targets (including co-firing biomass with peat), new state-of-the-art power generation plant and interconnection to wider markets will contribute to national climate change targets. This White Paper has been informed by the outcome of the consultation process on the Government's Green Paper on Energy Policy. Over 100 submissions were received and discussions held with a number of key stakeholders. The outcomes of the consultation process are set out in Section 2 of this White Paper. Section 3 of this White Paper sets out the Government's comprehensive action-oriented Energy Policy Framework to 2020 under each of its Strategic Goals for Security of Supply, Sustainability of Energy and Competitiveness of Energy Supply.



Rights: © Government of Ireland
Suggested citation:

Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources. (2007) Delivering a Sustainable Energy Future for Ireland: The Energy Policy Framework 2007 - 2020 [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 15th September 2019].


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