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Causes and consequences of rib fractures in older men



Topic: Chronic Conditions
Type: Report
Region: International (other)

This US study examines the causes and consequences of rib fractures (seldom considered in the context of osteoporosis) in community dwelling older men. The study involved 5995 men aged 65 or older recruited from 2000-2002. Rib fracture, the most common incident clinical fracture in men, was associated with classic risk markers for osteoporosis, including old age, low hip bone mineral density, and history of fracture. A history of rib fracture predicted a more than twofold increased risk of future fracture of the rib, hip, or wrist, independent of bone density and other covariates. Rib fractures should be considered to be osteoporotic fractures in the evaluation of older men for treatment to prevent future fracture.



Rights: Public
Suggested citation:

BMJ. (2010) Causes and consequences of rib fractures in older men [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 24th August 2019].


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