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All-Island Food Poverty Network


safefood and the Food Standards Agency (FSA)

Subject Keywords: Nutrition, Diet, Healthy eating, Food poverty
Topic: Obesity
Type: Contact
Region: All-island

Food poverty is the inability of individuals and households to obtain an adequate and nutritious diet, often because they cannot afford healthy food or there is a lack of shops in their area that are easy to reach.

Food poverty is an urgent issue affecting Northern Ireland. Research carried out by the FSA in Northern Ireland found that although most homeless people are getting enough to eat, the quality of their diet is poor. The research found that the key barriers to eating a balanced diet are their financial situation and education/cooking skills, as well as depression/stress, alcohol and drug abuse contributing to a lack of appetite, and a perception that food was not always seen as a priority.

Members of the Food Poverty Network are tasked with developing a food poverty indicator based on routinely available data. Currently there is no measure of food poverty on the island of Ireland and such an indicator would allow for a quantifiable assessment of the extent of food poverty across the island of Ireland in order to inform practice and policy. The FSA in Northern Ireland is co-chair with Safefood, of the Food Poverty Network



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safefood and the Food Standards Agency (FSA). (2014) All-Island Food Poverty Network [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 15th November 2019].


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