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Alcohol Action Ireland comments on latest alcohol consumption data for 2018


Alcohol Action Ireland

Subject Keywords: Drugs, Alcohol, Opiates
Type: Media
Region: Republic of Ireland


Editor's Note

Alcohol Action Ireland today (Tues, 12 March 2019) note the data released by Revenue: provisional alcohol clearances and receipts 2018. This data disappointingly indicates that alcohol consumption remains stubbornly high at 11 litres per capita.

Alcohol receipts for the year ended show a 1.78% rise, however when an estimated population data for 2018 is applied (CSO: population >15 years old – 3,848.4m) the figures for consumption as a per capita, stand at 11 litres, indicative of essentially a status quo, year on year.

Within the individual sectoral breakdown, Beer consumption indicates a 2.65% increase and Spirits indicates a further 5.57% increase, year on year, which is of concern.

There has been a 21.4% rise in Spirits consumption over a five-year period, 2014-2018.

This latest data demonstrates, yet again, the long way we, as a nation, have to travel to bring our drinking patterns down within a low-risk approach to alcohol consumption.

Over 1,000 deaths per annum in Ireland are alcohol related and our public health services continue to spend in excess of 12% of its budget on alcohol related illnesses and incidences. Over 200,000 children continue to live in family circumstances where alcohol is having a negative impact on their development and their lives.



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Alcohol Action Ireland. (2019) Alcohol Action Ireland comments on latest alcohol consumption data for 2018 [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 20th November 2019].


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