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Acupuncture for stress urinary incontinence in adults


Wang, Y., et al

Subject Keywords: Acupuncture, Stress urinary incontinence, Adults
Type: Article
Region: International (other)

Stress urinary incontinence is a common disease among older people, especially women. The symptoms are leakage of urine when the person coughs, laughs or exercises. It affects social, psychological, physical and financial aspects of life. Acupuncture is used widely in Asian countries for this condition and frequency of use is increasing worldwide. From the viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture could improve the symptoms of stress urinary incontinence by reinforcing qi (the vital substance constituting human body) and promoting recovery of the bladder's function. This review included only one small trial with 60 women. There was not enough evidence to assess the effects of acupuncture for stress urinary incontinence compared with drug treatment, and high-quality randomised controlled trials are needed.



Rights: © The Cochrane Collaboration
Suggested citation:

Wang, Y., et al. (2013) Acupuncture for stress urinary incontinence in adults [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 20th July 2019].


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