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An Action Plan for Active Travel in Northern Ireland


Department for Regional Development (DRD) Travelwise NI

Subject Keywords: Travel, Tansport, Local authority, Walking, Cycling
Topic: Obesity
Type: Policy
Region: Northern Ireland

This Action Plan for Active Travel has been developed to reflect how government departments, local authorities and voluntary bodies can help to deliver the recommendations of the Active Travel Strategy over the period 2012-2015. The Active Travel Strategy was launched by the Minister for Regional Development in January 2013.

In early 2010, the Department for Regional Development (“The Department”) undertook to develop an Active Travel Strategy that aims to provide a high level framework for a more integrated approach across government and in partnership with key stakeholders, to deliver the vision for walking and cycling and a shift towards more sustainable modes of transport.

Discouraging marginal car use and encouraging modal shift to walking, cycling and the use of public transport is part of the Department’s strategy to make a contribution to reducing carbon emissions. For many years the Department’s Roads Service (now Transport NI) has been investing heavily in infrastructure measures aimed at making it easier to walk and cycle and to facilitate public transport.

As a result we now have more pedestrian crossing facilities; new footways to improve connectivity; cycle networks in many of our towns and cities; more bus priority measures in Belfast; and an increasing number of park and ride sites across Northern Ireland.Through its Travelwise initiative the Department is actively promoting the use of sustainable modes of transport. For example, the Travelwise Safer Routes to Schools programme is targeting the ‘school run’ and tries to encourage more children to walk, cycle and use public transport to get to and from school. If children can be persuaded to behave more sustainably then as they become adults it will hopefully become second nature.



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Suggested citation:

Department for Regional Development (DRD) Travelwise NI. (2013) An Action Plan for Active Travel in Northern Ireland [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 24th May 2019].


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