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Every Newborn: An Action Plan to End Preventable Deaths

World Health assembly Mother, Child health, Newborn The 67th World Health Assembly came to a close on Saturday 24th May, after more than 20 resolutions concerning public health issues of global importance were adopted. Speaking on the Assembly, WHO Direct ...

Healthy Eating – Healthy Action

New Zealand Ministry of Health HEALTHY EATING, LIFESTYLE, NUTRITION, OBESITY, OVERWEIGHT, PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, WEIGHT Improving nutrition, increasing physical activity, and reducing obesity are three of the thirteen health priorities identified in the New Z ...

Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health (2004) World Health Organisation

World Health Organisation CHRONIC ILLNESS, DEATH, DISEASE AND DISABILITY, DIET, OBESITY, PHYSICAL ACTIVITY WHO adopted this strategy following the recognition of the unique opportunity that exists to formulate and implement an effective strategy to substa ...