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On the state of public health: Annual report of the Chief Medical Officer 2009


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Topic: Chronic Conditions
Type: Report
Region: United Kingdom

In this yearâ?Ts Annual Report, the Chief Medical Officer addresses five new health topics. The first,is the importance of establishing and maintaining regular physical activity throughout life. The benefits of exercise are well known. Health benefits include: stopping and reversing weight gain; reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some cancers; and preventing osteoporosis and reducing falls in older people. Indeed, at every stage of life, physical activity has something to offer. It is never too late to begin and we are never too old to continue. Over the last 50 years, activity levels, particularly amongst the young, have fallen. As individuals and as a society we pay a high price for inactivity. Despite knowing the importance of exercise, we have not created an active society. This chapter reviews the benefits of physical activity at different life stages, and makes recommendations on how to promote a culture of activity throughout life. Although this is a frequently reviewed topic, the potential benefits of natureâ?Ts finest cure are still not widely appreciated.



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refer to the resource. (2010) On the state of public health: Annual report of the Chief Medical Officer 2009 [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 18th July 2019].


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