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Paying the Price - The cost of mental health care in England to 2026


King's Fund

Topic: Chronic Conditions
Type: Report
Region: Northern Ireland

Recognising the significance of mental health in terms of both expenditure and the overall health of the population, the King’s Fund commissioned a review. This report presents current and projected needs for mental health services and their related costs. It gives details on a number of specific disorders, including depression, schizophrenic disorders and dementia. Paying the Price suggests that without the right level and type of investment we will all pay the price – not just in wasted resources but also in wasted lives. This report should be used to encourage informed debate about the future nature and shape of mental health support.Download contentsThe full report can be downloaded above. However, you may prefer to download individual chapters using the links below.  Title pages - List of figures and tables, List of acronyms, About the panel, About the Authors, Foreword (63 kb) Executive summary (68 kb) Chapter 1 - Introduction (86 kb) Chapter 2 - Methods (45 kb) Chapter 3 - Projected demographic change in England, 2007 to 2026 (120 kb) Chapter 4 - Depression (357 kb) Chapter 5 - Anxiety disorders (323 kb) Chapter 6 - Schizophrenic disorders (262 kb) Chapter 7 - Bipolar disorder and related conditions (195 kb) Chapter 8 - Eating disorders (167 kb) Chapter 9 - Personality disorders (156 kb) Chapter 10 - Conditions affecting children and adolescents (242 kb) Chapter 11 - Dementia (125 kb) Chapter 12 - Conclusion, discussion and recommendations (107 kb) Appendix 1 - Feedback from consultation (24 kb) Appendix 2 - Treatment recommendations (45 kb) References (53 kb)  



Rights: Public
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King's Fund. (2008) Paying the Price - The cost of mental health care in England to 2026 [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 15th November 2019].


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