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Community Safety


Age Concern Northern Ireland

Type: Report
Region: Northern Ireland

Older people wish to live safe and secure lives both at home and in the community. However, crime and the fear of crime can play a significant part in undermining the well-being of older people and can contribute to making them feel excluded from the community they live in. Many of them have a great fear of being attacked. Those who live alone, especially those who live in some isolation feel particularly vulnerable. This fear of crime leads to greater marginalisation and isolation, deterring many older people from living active, fulfilling lives and resulting in a significant adverse impact on the quality of their lives. Age Concern Northern Ireland believes that Community Safety Policy should address not only the adverse effects of crime on the lives of older people but should also focus on building vibrant, cohesive communities and identify ways of addressing issues affecting people living in deprived neighbourhoods. In this context Age Concern Northern Ireland is of the view that reducing the potential for crime should also be at the heart of Community Safety Strategy.



Rights: Public
Suggested citation:

Age Concern Northern Ireland. (2008) Community Safety [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 2nd April 2020].


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