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Health Inequalities Intervention Tool launched by APHO


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Type: Article
Region: United Kingdom

The Health Inequalities Intervention Tool was commissioned by the Department of Health through the Association of Public Health Observatories (APHO). The work has been led by the London and Yorkshire and Humber Public Health Observatories. The tool is designed to assist commissioners in Spearhead Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) with their Local Delivery Planning (LDP) and commissioning and to assist Spearhead Local Authorities (LAs) with the delivery of Local Area Agreements (LAAs). It highlights key issues for Spearhead PCTs and LAs to consider in order to achieve the life expectancy element of the Government's Public Service Agreement (PSA) on health inequalities.
The tool presents both a national and local picture. It also shows the current life expectancy for each Spearhead area and the gap between the life expectancy of the Spearhead area and the rest of England. It shows the diseases that are causing the low life expectancy in each Spearhead area and a ready reckoner for the high impact interventions that will help narrow the local gap based on real data.

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refer to the resource. () Health Inequalities Intervention Tool launched by APHO [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 25th March 2019].


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