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The Childrenâ?Ts Services Revolution: Can the Childr


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Type: Article
Region: United Kingdom

In the wake of the Laming Report, the publication of the Governmentâ?Ts Green Paper â?oEvery Child Mattersâ? met with a chorus of approval from childrenâ?Ts services practitioners. Following extensive consultation, the Childrenâ?Ts Bill will now take forward many of the Green Paperâ?Ts proposals as it proceeds through the legislative process into what many hope will herald a new era of â?~joined-upâ?T childrenâ?Ts services. But looking beyond the promise of â?ochampioning childrenâ?Ts issues across government in a clear and focused wayâ?, can the Childrenâ?Ts Bill really deliver the radical changes needed to improve the lives of all young people who need support and protection? Participants at this Westminster Briefing will have the opportunity to discuss the prospects for the Bill and debate key issues with the panel such as the potential remit of a new Childrenâ?Ts Commissioner, the overhaul of area child protection committees, the funding of Childrenâ?Ts Trusts and workforce reform. Delegates will be drawn from all sectors of the children & youth services community, local authorities and councils, central overnment departments and bodies, connexions, youth offending teams, academia, trade unions and the voluntary sector.

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