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Irish pharmacy needle exchange page.


Irish Needle Exchange Forum

Type: Media
Region: Republic of Ireland
Northern Ireland

This page has been designed to support the Pharmacy Needle Exchange . The Pharmacy Needle Exchange Programme, a partnership initiative between the Elton John Aids Foundation, Irish Pharmacy Union and the HSE. Action 34 of The National Drugs Strategy (NDS) 2009-2016,highlights the need to expand the availability of needle exchanges services, where needed. At end of 2011 42 pharmacies will be participating. The programme will be evaluated over its life time; with programme reviews happening on a 12 month basis; a cost effectiveness review being conducted on all current forms of NEX provision currently funded by the HSE with an anticipated timeframe of Q4 2012 for completion and an external evaluation to be carried out in the later stages of year 3. This inclues a video which talks about development of the roll out of the pharmacy needle exchange service in Ireland.





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