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Payment by results


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The aim of the new financial system is to provide a transparent, rules-based system for paying trusts. It will reward efficiency, support patient choice and diversity and encourage activity for sustainable waiting time reductions. Payment will be linked to activity and adjusted for casemix. Importantly, this system will ensure a fair and consistent basis for hospital funding rather than being reliant principally on historic budgets and the negotiating skills of individual managers.

Under the reforms to NHS Financial Flows, instead of being commissioned through block agreements as previously, hospitals (and other providers) will be paid for the activity that they undertake; so

Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) will commission:

the volume of activity required to deliver service priorities, adjusted for casemix (i.e. the mix of types of patients and/or treatment episodes)
from a plurality of providers
on the basis of a standard national price tariff, adjusted for regional variation in wages



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