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Analyze Your Birth Weight Data


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Subject Keywords: birth weight
Type: Table
Region: United Kingdom

This program estimates the parameters of birth weight for your frequency distribution. There are two components of any birth weight distribution, with a total of three parameters. The main (predominant) distribution is Gaussian, and is defined by a mean and a standard deviation. The second (residual) distribution is a more irregular portion lying outside the lower tail of the predominant distribution.

The residual distribution is summarized here as a percent of the whole population. This program also provides estimates of the exact frequency distributions for each component of your birth weight distribution. For a fuller discussion of these parameters and their biological interpretation, see the Frequency Distribution of birth weight.



Rights: refer to the resource
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refer to the resource. (2004) Analyze Your Birth Weight Data [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 19th September 2019].


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