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Report card 2012.


Children's Rights Alliance

Type: Report
Region: Republic of Ireland
Northern Ireland

With a new Government in place, Report Card 2012 varies from previous editions and has been reformulated to accommodate commitments from the new Programme for Government. Unlike previous editions, which examined the implementation of key promises throughout one calendar year, Report Card 2012 assesses progress from March to December 2011. The process itself has not changed; we continue to offer relevant officials an opportunity to provide information on progress and to verify grades with our External Assessment Panel. GRADING 6 EDUCATION 8 1.1 EARLY CHILDHOOD CARE AND EDUCATION 10 1.2 CHILD LITERACY 13 1.3 CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS 16 1.4 SCHOOL BUILDINGS 19 HEALTH 22 2.1 PRIMARY CARE 24 2.2 MENTAL HEALTH 26 2.3 ALCOHOL AND DRUGS 30 2.4 CHILDRENâ?TS HOSPITAL 33 MATERIAL WELLBEING36 3.1 CHILD POVERTY 38 3.2 AREA BASED APPROACH TO TACKLING CHILD POVERTY 41 3.3 CHILDREN AND THE SOCIAL WELFARE SYSTEM 43 SAFEGUARDINGCHILDHOOD46 4.1 CHILD AND FAMILY SUPPORT AGENCY 48 4.2 RYAN REPORT IMPLEMENTATION PLAN 51 4.3 YOUTH HOMELESSNESS 54 4.4 CHILDREN IN DETENTION 56 REALISING CHILDRENâ?TSRIGHTS60 5.1 CHILDRENâ?TS RIGHTS REFERENDUM 62 5.2 PATRONAGE AND PLURALISM IN EDUCATION 65 5.3 TRAVELLER CHILDREN 67 5.4 MIGRANT CHILDREN 70 SUMMARY OF IMMEDIATE ACTIONS





Rights: Public
Suggested citation:

Children's Rights Alliance. (2012) Report card 2012. [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 21st July 2019].


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